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Where Compassion Meets Creativity

Archaic Revival Collective is a women-owned and operated wellness boutique in Magnolia, TX. We offer an eclectic variety of CBD as well as uniquely handcrafted Bath and Beauty Products.

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The difference when you shop Archaic Revival Co.

All orders placed within operating hours will be processed within 48 hours and shipped within 2-5 business days. *Holidays and inclement weather may effect shipping times.

Superb Quality

We strive to always give you the best in bath, body, and beauty products on the market with a continuing drive to keep things fresh and unique.

Customer Service

You are getting a tailored experience based on your desires and needs from employees who put their heart and soul into this boutique.

Support Community

When you make a purchase at our boutique, you are also supporting a small business and the families that come with it.

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